dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Initial drawings

After several postings using merely words, here are the initial drawings of the plan as developped back in 2005 (to the right)

These drawings will serve as a starting point for the realisation of the current project that has a very comparable set of queries.

Most important changes are that the house will be suited for permanent living for four persons with implications on dimensions and comfort. And I tend to add to this previous concept the notions that architect Jon Kristinsson shared with me. As he puts it, a house is more than a living-machine. A house also possesses a soul, often to be found in the attic of a house, as a place where memories are stored. Yes, we all need place to place parts of our past life, yet if I want to create a smart, affordable and sustainable house I will have to limit the number of square meters built. I think there's a way to cope with this as we'll see.